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Indian amateurs Raghav Chugh & Shubham Jaglan are enjoying success in US College Golf

With an increasing number of Indian juniors beginning to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to complete a world class education while developing their golf games through opting to play college golf in the USA, Delhi based RBG ( Romit Bose Golf) has partnered with FirstPoint USA, the most successful sports scholarship agency in the world.

FirstPoint USA is certified by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association ), the governing body of college sports in USA, and the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council), to create academic and sporting opportunities for international student-athletes. In fact, it’s the only agency in the world to hold such certification.

In order to support their passion and dream RBG hand holds the aspiring athlete through their grooming process and delivers them to a college in the USA which would further let them showcase their skill and pursue to develop their sport of choice while providing them with a much required university degree.
Currently top Indian boys enjoying success in college golf include Raghav Chugh ( Rice University, Texas); Shubham Jaglan ( University of South Florida) and Krishnaav Chopra ( Long Beach State, California). Among the girls, Jahnavi Prakhya is enjoying success at NCAA Div 1 University of Alabama, Anika Varma plays at Oregon University, Khushi Hooda plays at University of British Columbia in Vancouver and we hope to see more Indians there soon.
On the PGA Tour, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler , Collin Morikawa and so many others all played four years of college golf, avoiding rushing into the pro ranks. When they reached the PGA Tour, they went straight to the top.
For an initial meeting, interested parents or juniors may send a whatsapp message to “COLLEGEUSA” @ +91 9810057340 with your details.


Photo – RBG

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