Striking a Conversation with Alexandra O’Laughlin


Alexandra O’Laughlin, 25, Lewis University graduate is a Digital Correspondent for Golf Channel and a social media influencer who has travelled to the farthest of places to cover and play major golf tournaments. Alex loves to play and support charity events and recently she was at the Gary Player Invitational at Glenarbor Golf Club in New York before heading out to the Bahamas for the $3.5 million Hero World Challenge (December 4-7) at Albany. Today we catch up with her on her journey as a reporter, as a golfer, and as a traveller who has almost seen it all at a very young age.

Alexandra o’ Laughlin

Q – What do you like about your golf as a golf correspondent and why should more women give it a try?
Playing golf and working for Golf Channel has given me the opportunity to play courses all over the world and interview top golfers, celebrities, and interesting people who share a passion for the game. Sharing these experiences with the viewer is what I enjoy most about my job. It has given me not only a hobby…but a career, lifelong friends, and ability to explore the world. Golf is full of opportunity. A reason more people should give golf a try!

Q – What’s your favourite destination and favourite event and why?
My favourite destination is always the next one I am going to. I like having something to look forward to and I love exploring a new place and walking a golf course for the first time. Too many times I say “this is my favourite place!”…but they keep getting more interesting as I learn about course architecture, design, and the different cultures. My favourite event is the Ryder Cup. It is the biggest event I have covered for Golf Channel, and doing interviews on the first hole at Le Golf National in France last year was one of the best experiences of my life.

Gary Player
Alexandra with Gary Player in Episode 3 of her show ‘Go Around with Alexandra o’ Laughlin’

Q – You recently launched your own show ‘Go Around with Alexandra O’Laughlin’ on Golf Channel. What’s the show about and what gave you the idea for the show? What are the challenges involved with producing an episode?
I am so excited about the launch of ‘Go Around’! It’s been a way to show my excitement and enjoyment of life and the behind the scenes of life on the road working for Golf Channel. I have wanted to create content like this since I started at the network- the challenges are similar to what I face in golf…trying to reach perfection. I have a vision that I hope is conveyed through the episodes. It has made me really happy getting to share my experiences and the feedback has been so positive! Definitely check it out on the Golf Channel YouTube.

Q – What inspires you in life and what do you look forward to doing in the future?
People and places are what inspire me! It is both of those things that motivate me to set new goals, learn more, and stay motivated. Right now, I am looking forward to working a number of big events for Golf Channel in 2020, collaborating with different brands I am passionate about, and growing ‘Go Around with Alexandra O’Laughlin’. The sky is the limit with such an open-minded and supportive team behind me!

Alexandra at CME Globe – LPGA Tournament

Q – Tell us about changes from a college golfer to a golf correspondent, which life do you prefer? What are the different challenges being a student golfer and a reporter? How do you tackle them?
There isn’t one I prefer more- if it weren’t for the hard work I put into being a collegiate athlete I don’t think I would be working for Golf Channel. College golf prepared me for the role I have now and has given me a better understanding of the professional golfers I interview. The most difficult part of college golf was keeping a balance with school, friends, and family. It consumes so much of your life being on the road for tournaments every weekend in both the fall and the spring. I have those same challenges as a reporter. I am much better at managing my schedule now and at the end of the day, family always comes first! Something that the golf industry understands more than most.


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