Exclusive Interview with LPGA star – Brittany Altomare

Brittany Altamore
Image Courtesy – Brittany Altamore Instagram

29-year-old, World No. 28, from Worcester, Massachusetts started playing golf at the age of 10 and has had her father as a major influence to get familiar with the game she plays now for a living. She comes with a long history of a successful amateur career, where she represented Team USA at the Junior Ryder Cup in 2006 at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, where her team finished the event for a draw at 6-6 against the European team.

In 2012, Brittany qualified for the prestigious U.S. Women’s Open and joined the LPGA Tour in 2014 and went on to win her maiden professional title at the 2016 Guardian Retirement Championship on the Symetra Tour. The experienced LPGA player loves skiing, cooking and hot yoga beside golf.

Today she tells us about her life on the tour, her fitness routine and her journey ahead.

GDI – How did you get into Yoga? And what benefits a golfer can expect after following yoga?

Brittany Altamore – After I finished college, I started doing hot yoga as a way of gaining mobility and some strength. I will say I need to update my profile because I do not do hot yoga anymore. I started training at a gym where I live in Florida called Diesel Fitness. They focus on mobility and strength training and I feel it’s been helpful in staying healthy and gaining some distance off the tee.

GDI – What’s your favorite skiing place?

Brittany Altamore – As a family we use to ski in Vermont every winter at Stratton Mountain. I was so much fun. But my favourite place I’ve ever skied is in Montana at Yellow stone club. I was really fortunate last a couple of years ago to have been invited to ski there. It was amazing.

GDI – You have had a long successful career on the tour and recently even touched the $2million mark. How do you see yourself doing in future and what goals do you have for the 2020 season.

Brittany Altamore – Hopefully I can continue to keep improving every year and get a win this year. That is definitely one of the main goals.  But I feel like if I keep doing what I am doing, keep putting myself in contention and stay patient it will happen.

GDI – Your best finish at a major was a close one at the 2017 Evian Championship. How do you think a golfers life changes post his/her first major win? Do you think it’s the right measure to fathom a players level?

Brittany Altamore – I’m not exactly sure how someone’s life changes after winning a major, but I do know that being in that playoff changed mine a little. I definitely had more confidence in my game and felt first the first time like I belonged on that stage. I think being in those situations makes you realize what you are capable of and what you can do under pressure.

GDI – When did you realize that you’d like to turn professional? And if not a golfer, what would have been your preferred choice of work line.

Brittany Altamore – I think I always knew I wanted to try but for me I think it became more of reality my Jr. year of college. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I didn’t play golf. Maybe try and get into coaching. I think I would’ve liked to stay in the golf industry.

GDI – Your thoughts on the LPGA and LET joining hands? How is it going to bring changes to women’s golf across the globe?

Brittany Altamore – I think it’s great! There are so many great players in Europe and all over the world and with the new partnership it will help create more playing opportunities for women. This will give more ways in which women can pursue their dreams!

GDI – What’d you like to say to our junior girls back here in India what should their work routine look like to turn a fine professional like you in future?

Brittany Altamore – I would say, have fun with it and don’t spend too much time on one area. Make sure you spread your practice time across all parts of the game. I think it’s also important to play a lot. I think you learn the most about your strengths and weaknesses when you play not when you just stand on the range or the practise putting green for a long time.


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