Editor’s Note: July 26, 2021


Rishi Narain – Editor, India Golf Weekly

Knowledge and exposure to the right coaches, competitors, courses, and environment are often cited as advantages to young golfers in USA which help them develop the confidence to compete on the PGA Tour. This is why we are proud to bring Indian juniors and young amateurs a one-hour Q&A with one of the world’s top ranked coaches , Claude Harmon III, who coaches Dustin Johnson who just spent 123 weeks as World No 1. Claude also spent 8 years as Brooks Koepka’s coach – from the time Brooks turned pro till January 2021. The idea is to gain insights into the mindset and habits of the world’s best players which in turn helps Indian youngsters perform better.

Mercedes-Benz has long been one of India’s biggest sponsors of amateur golf , with their Mercedes Trophy having run continuously for 20 years. We encourage readers to click on their banner, the first time its appearing in India Golf Weekly to read about the amazing new A Class and A35 AMG they recently launched in India. These vehicles are pathbreaking and exciting and demonstrate what you the readers can expect from Mercedes-Benz this year. The technology and features packed into the A class are quite astounding.

In keeping with our commitment to bring value to our readers, for anyone interested in hearing from one of the world’s top lady amateurs, our hour-long Q&A with 2021 US Women’s Open sensation Megha Ganne is available on youtube. Go check it out for a refreshing take on habits of a champion junior.

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