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The Albatross Junior Tour, started and run by parents of junior golfers in 2007, held the 110th Albatross Golf Tournament over 36 holes at ITC Classic Golf Resort, Gurugram from August 26-28 with 90 players in six age categories for boys and girls.

The duo of 11-year-olds Kartik Singh 73-72 and Armaan Gawde 72-73 playing in Category C shot matching total scores of 145 over two days, for the best overall scores at the event and were closely followed by Sukhman Singh (Boys, Category B) of Noida Golf Course with 70-76 (4-over 146) and Lavanya Gupta (Girls, Category B) with 76-70 (4-over 146) for wins in their respective categories.

Results – 

Category Age Group Boys Girls
AA 18-22Vaibhav Nair (155) Yashita Raghav (167)
A15-17 Sukhman Singh (146) Jia Kataria (155)
B 13-14 Udai Aditya Middha (155) Lavanya Gupta (146)
C 11-12 Kartik Singh (145) Riya Jadon (162
D9-10Chaitanya Pandey (159) Shiksha Jain (160)
E 6-8 -Abner Sengar (118)

The next Albatross event is at the ASC Environment Park and Trg Area, Bangalore on September 17 & 18.

Albatross, is the premier golf tour in India, having held tournaments in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Pune and is committed to supporting junior golf in India by organizing regular competitive tournaments, mental coaching, physical training and providing international exposure to junior golfers. 

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