Augusta National admits Annika Sorenstam as member


Annika Sorenstam named member at Augusta National Golf Club

Annika Sorenstam, widely regarded as the preeminent LPGA player of the contemporary era, boasting an impressive record of over 10 major championships and 100 victories across various tours, recently joined Augusta National Golf Club, host of the annual Masters Championship, as a member.
This significant milestone positions Annika as the seventh woman to attain membership at the esteemed club and the first lady professional player.

Other lady dignitaries who have been granted membership at Augusta National since 2012, the year Augusta first included lady members are –

  1. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State (2012)
  2. Darla Moore, South Carolina Financier (2012)
  3. Ginny Rommetty, IBM’s first female CEO (2014)
  4. Diana Murphy, Former USGA President
  5. Ana Patricia Botin, Santander Group Chairman
  6. Heidi Ueberroth, co-chair Pebble Beach Board of Directors

As the major golfing bodies continue to promote inclusivity and gender equality as a major drive in world golf, the inclusion of Annika, a pioneer in every respect, is a welcome trend in the right direction.


Photo – Golfweek

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