Bryson goes past 1 million followers


Bryson DeChambeau is putting in work on and off the golf course

Bryson DeChambeau, renowned for his impactful YouTube channel recently surpassed the 1 million follower mark on Instagram while also leading the Crushers GC on the LIV Golf Tour. DeChambeau’s contributions have significantly altered fans’ perceptions of Golfers and brought in new and younger audiences to the sport, reflected in his increasing popularity at major tournaments. 

Padraig Harrington, a three-time major champion, acknowledges the absence of players who transitioned to LIV and emphasizes the indispensable presence of Bryson DeChambeau in the world of golf.

Indeed, some might view Padraig Harrington’s remarks as his personal perspective, suggesting that devoted PGA TOUR fans may not share the sentiment, and although DeChambeau faced boos at majors, last week while vying for his second major victory, those boos transformed into resounding cheers.


DeChambeau boasts over 621,000 YouTube followers, and is growing on Snapchat with 89,600 followers, along with around 365,000 on Twitter. 

Since departing from the PGA TOUR, DeChambeau has undergone a significant transformation. Once dubbed the ‘mad scientist’ for his experimental approach to golf balls and one-length irons, as well as his focus on physical conditioning for increased distance, his influence extended even to Rory McIlroy, who reportedly emulated his methods.

On the LIV Golf Tour, DeChambeau assumed the role of Crushers GC Captain with dedication, leading the team to multiple victories while maintaining his active social media presence. Whether on the PGA TOUR or LIV Golf, DeChambeau’s commitment to hard work and innovation is undeniable.

With two majors remaining in the season, anticipation surrounds DeChambeau’s trajectory, with hopes high for a potential second career major win, be it at the U.S. Open in June or the Open in July.



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