How Anirban helped Asia Pacific team beat Europe


Anirban Lahiri pictured at International Series Vietnam in 2022

Anirban Lahiri, before leaving the PGA Tour for LIV GOLF, had made it to two International Teams for the Presidents’ Cup – in 2015 and 2017; He had also been part of three Asian Tour teams for the Eurasia Cup between 2014 and 2018 in matches against Europe.

Armed with this invaluable,  rich experience, Anirban offered to speak to the Asia Pacific Golf

Confederation’s Asia Pacific Team about mindset , strategy and tactics in the evening after their 2nd practice round at La Manga Club in Spain on the eve of the Bonallack & Patsy Hankins Trophies against Europe.

Rishi Narain (centre) celebrates the Bonallack Trophy win with his team in Spain

The hour long live interactive video chat with Anirban where he dialled in just before a practice round at The Greenbrier in USA was attended enthusiastically by all 24 players and non-playing captains from the mens’ and womens’ APGC Teams – Rishi Narain and Liz Mckinnon for the Ladies, besides the APGC Chairman Taimur Hassan and Nick Shan from the R&A.

Anirban Lahiri shared his thoughts with APGC team members ahead of the Bonallack Trophy in Spain


5 Pieces of Advice from Lahiri and captains’ comments on each:


  1. Importance of Team bonding – With players coming together from various countries and many having never met each other before, the emphasis on creating trust and camaraderie was considered prime by Lahiri. (Rishi comment: Fortunately, the chemistry within the team was super strong and they overcame 24 hour flights, 10 hour time zone changes and six golf sets and suitcases that arrived late to rally around each other and create a strong team spirit).


  1. Don’t apologise – when playing alternate shots or better ball matches with a partner, players must recognize that everyone will hit bad shots occasionally and you don’t apologise to your partners because they understand you are trying your best. And its always good to say “not to worry – I’ve got this” to your partner who isn’t happy with a bad shot. (Rishi’s comment: This tactic worked well for the team as it was in the foursomes that they really outplayed their opponents by 4 ½ to ½ on Day two and took what then became an insurmountable lead).


  1. Partners must play the same ball – pairs playing alternate shots must be used to the same ball – be it the Titleist Prov1 or Prov1x since both balls perform quite differently, particularly in windy conditions which always prevailed in the coastal La Manga course. (Rishi’s comment: Fortunately for the Asia Pacific Team, most of the preferred pairs already played the same ball, which helped the team perform consistently).


  1. Odds & Evens: Decide strategically who would rather play most of the par 3’s and par 5’s depending on who was the more confident iron player or who is the better putter etc. (Rishi’s comment: During the Match the roles among the pairs were decided well in advance as to who would tee off on Even numbered holes and who on the odd numbered holes which proved decisive).


  1. On the final day singles – keep the middle order strong. (Rishi’s comment: This proved essential for Asia-Pacific as the middle order won four and a half points out of six singles matches to clinch the Trophy after the first four matches went to the Europeans).


Photo – Asian Tour

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