Hyderabad Golf Club plans to expand course


Hyderabad Golf Club overlooking the Golconda Fort

The Hyderabad Golf Club, which is located in the middle of the historic Golconda Fort, plans to undertake a major renovation with some additional land becoming available contiguous to the existing course.

The 600-year-old Golconda Fort, one of India’s treasured historical sites, is on the United Nations’ nomination list to become a recognized World Heritage Site. “A lot of work gets described as ‘monumental’ in golf design,” says the selected course architect Danner. “Here we can’t be accused of anything less — Hyderabad is literally laid out within Golconda Fort with its monumental stone walls, towers and structures.”

“Hyderabad Golf Club is an amazing story of preservation, while at the same time providing an opportunity for more international exposure and allowing people to learn about the history of one of the greatest archaeological sites in India,” said Danner. “The course has evolved over time and has been carefully constructed with the fort, expanding gradually from three holes to its present day 18-hole version. Quite literally, a diamond in the rough.”

Master Plan

The architects plan to lengthen the 6,300-yard course, potentially by using additional land. “We have several approaches to adding yardage,” said Danner. “Creativity is a must, and we are committed to retaining the interest and strategy that makes Hyderabad one of the most interesting courses in all of golf. Essentially, this is a golf course situated within a living museum, and that should always be respected.”

“The project will bring tremendous international exposure to Hyderabad,” said Danner. “The unique character of the site has created a very distinct identity that will be leveraged to enhance visibility to the golf course. We embrace the club’s mission to showcase Hyderabad Golf Club as a golf venue that is not only uniquely Hyderabad, but uniquely India.”

You can find detailed version of the expansion plan here – https://www.golfcourseindustry.com/news/hyderabad-india-renovation-richardson-danner/


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