Indian Lady Greens Superintendent wins award


Recognition :-

Harshada Bhagvati

Harshada Bhagvati

Harshada Bhagvati, one of only two well known lady greens superintendents in India ( the other being Nuzhat Gul of Kashmir) was recently recognised for achievements during her 17 year career in the field of Turf Management, with the India Inspirational Women Award by Dreamcatchers. Harshada, who did an MSc. in Agriculture from Pune college has been at the forefront of Pune’s Golf Club’s recent upgrade and formerly worked at KGA, Bangalore for over a decade. 

India Inspirational Women Awaed

India Inspirational Women Awaed


Harshada,  who’s entire family has worked in the agricultural sector said“ More than any theory,my father’s practical experience shared with us in our childhood gave me a good boost in the execution of my professional work. I got a good hold on manpower management.& work execution system. “ 

This recognition should motivate more Indian women to enter the profession and other facets associated with the sport.

Organised online by the International Inspirational Women Awards (IIWR) on August 27th recognised over 100 women from various fields. The awards celebrate business and individual Women’s achievements that combine creativity and innovation with results and recognise companies that set new standards within their respective fields. This Award is an appreciation award for all those pushing the boundaries to be the best in their respective fields.


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