Pune Golf League sees intense competition


Team Healyos Eagles – Winners Pune Golf League 2024

In a thrilling culmination at the Poona Club Golf Course, Healyos Eagles successfully defended their championship title in the Poona Club Golf League (PGL) 2024 which saw 16 teams of 15 players each vying for a spot in the next round.

The Semifinals, saw six teams emerge victorious and advance to the Finals. Healyos Eagles, led by Mr. Salil Bhargava and coached by Mr. Gurki Shergill, clinched the championship, securing their third title in five editions. KK Kothari Royals claimed the runner-up position, while Vascon The Holey Ones secured third place.

The PGL 2024 season also recognised the Best Players in various divisions including Sumedh Gangal and Aman Oswal in the Gold division, Rishi Bhosale in the Silver division, and Sunil Thakur and Jagdeep Singh in the Bronze division.

The Vice President of the Poona Club, Gaurav Gadhoke, and Captain of the Golf Club, Ikram Khan, presented the prizes. The Healyos Eagles’ team members, including Salil Bhargav, Anita Punamiya, and others, were applauded for their splendid performance, making the PGL 2024 a truly unforgettable edition.

The Prizes included ₹50,000 vouchers from Callaway, while Runners-up received ₹30,000 Callaway vouchers and 3rd place team took ₹20,000 Callaway vouchers. 



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