Pune Golfer’s NGO on clean up drive


Pune golfer Dhananjaya Date, remains an active member of the local community, helping an NGO named ECA on many fronts. They recently held a clean up drive with dozens of volunteers. 

With CSR funds of Rs 36 lakh from ICICI Foundation, sustainable rainwater harvesting systems have  been installed in 24 municipal schools. Availability of water throughout the year in these schools’ bore wells has led to cleanliness and better hygiene.

Cleaning Drives with local volunteers in slums and lower income communities are regular. 

Environment Conservation Association (ECA) is a Pune based NGO working to spread awareness and engage students and communities to reduce all types of pollution and find solutions for all environmental issues. 

ECA has provided assistance and educated communities to save water, installed Rain Water Harvesting systems, planted trees, encouraged use of renewable energy, taught about the importance of biodiversity, wildlife and living in harmony with nature. 

“Dan” Date is another upstanding golfer from the corporate community who is spending his time changing things for the better. 


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