Pune wins 26th annual Grover Interclub


Team Pune Golf Club (Winners)


Pune Golf Club (PGC) ran away with the 26th annual Grover Interclub Championship, played at their home course over the weekend. PGC finished with 43.5 points, a whopping 15.5 points ahead of second place Bombay Presidency Golf Club (BPGC), who had 28 points.

The United Services Club came third with 21 points while the Willingdon Sports Club finished 4th with 18.5 points. No doubt the home course advantage helped the Pune club to the title. The venue revolves each year among the four clubs. 

Kapil Grover awards the MVP prize to Andrew Pinto of Pune GC

Kapil Grover awards the MVP prize to Andrew Pinto of Pune GC

The Grover Interclub is the annual quadrangular affair contested between teams from each of the three golf clubs in Mumbai and one team from the Pune Golf Club. A total of 25 players represent each club. On the first day, 23 players competed across 4 formats – 1 scramble, 3 singles, 3 foursomes and 6 fourball matches. On the second day, all 25 players participated across three formats – 3 singles, 3 foursomes and 6 fourball matches,

Pune dominated both days, earning 23.5 points on day 1 and 20 points on day two. The team was led by Ikram Khan while Andrew Pinto, who earned 4.5 out of a possible 5 points, was named the MVP. Four other players from Pune also picked up 4.5 points – Vincent Pinto, Rajat Budharaja, Anirudh Shrotriya and Dhananjay Date.

A further four players earned 4 points each – Ira Joshi, Pc Kalia, Parth Kirloskar and Mohit Nakhare.

The tournament’s most successful golfers came from the United Services Club. Brig Neel Kamal and Col A Bains both earned the maximum of 5 points each. However no one else on their team managed more than 2.5 points.

Harsh Mehta was the leading points-getter for the BPGC with 4.5 points while Rahul Diwan led Willingdon with 3 points. 

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