The Palms Knockout Challenge 2022 concludes in Lucknow

Champions - Brig. Rajesh Shrivastava & Col. Ajay Dheer)

Champions – Brig. Rajesh Shrivastava & Col. Ajay Dheer (Centre)

The Palms Golf Club and Resort hosted a one-of-a-kind golf tournament in Lucknow titled “THE PALMS KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE 2022” supported by BMW Speed Motorwagen from Jan. 2 to Feb. 13, 2022. 

The tournament featured 48 top amateur golfers in 24 teams, with players such as  Bharat Thapar, Raghav Jaggi, Anuj Dubey, and Kartik Lohumi participating.

The final was won by Brig.Rajesh Shrivastava and Col.Ajay Dheer, who beat Col.Tushar Vig and Col.Mahender SN Pde 5-UP.

Champions of the PALMS KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE 2022 pose with a BMW

The winners received prizes from BMW Speed Motorwagen and Decathlon.

“We at The Palms Golf Club and Resort are providing the best competitive golfing platform by organising such tournaments.This will not only promote the game of golf in Lucknow but will also help in improving and upgrading the game to the next level,” Mr.Sachin Chauhan, AGM-Golf Operations, said. 

Photo – The Palms

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