India Learn Golf Week Returns


Following the emphatic success of the inaugural edition of India Learn Golf Week (ILGW), the second edition is all set to commence from September 24-30. Over 40 clubs have confirmed their participation this year and more than 20,000 individuals are expected to their first lessons or swing.

Participants from Leadbetter Academy

ILGW is an attempt to take the sport of golf to the masses and a means to reiterate that anyone can play golf. For starters, golf offers a means of exercising and socialising at the same time. It helps build character— as the player is solely responsible for his or her performance and teaches patience. That one gets to be close to nature makes the sport therapeutic too. And perhaps most importantly: no other sport allows all players, regardless of the level of ability, to compete; that too in a level playing field (thanks in good measure to golf’s handicap system).

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Participants at 2017 ILGW

An initiative of Golf Industry Association (GIA), in partnership with Indian Golf Union (IGU), Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI), National Golf Association of India (NGAI), Golf Course Superintendents and Managers Association of India (GCS&MAI), as well as the Professional Golf Association (PGA) of America, ILGW aims to nurture the next 100,000 Indian golfers, besides generating `1,500 crore revenue for the golf industry over the next five years.

Celebrities Speak

“I think golf is tough, yet fun; it’s nice to see young people play. You may have talent, but if you don’t come out and play, how will you know you are talented?” – Kapil Dev

“Anything for golf to grow! All we can do is just win on the international circuit as having a role model really helps.” – Rahil Gangjee

“Golf can be played with all your friends! Doesn’t matter how good you are, you can still get a handicap and compete irrespective of age.” – Shaun Pollock

“You need one Indian superstar to come through and then everyone will follow. You just need to encourage younger kids to play. Golf is an amazing sport!” – Mahela Jayawardene

“I think golf is the best sport you can play: you are not reliant on anybody. In football, a referee can make a wrong line call, but here? If you are good, you are good, and if you are bad, you are bad.” – Murali Kartik

“Golf gets the competitiveness out. you WALK 8-10km… Get a lot of fresh air and exercise. It challenges you both mentally and physically. Take it up, and once you play, you will know why you need to!” – Ajit Agarkar

“It is nice to see all these clubs and stakeholders unite with the aim of growing the sport.” – Gaganjeet Bhullar

(Read more in the September issue of Golf Digest India. Download here.)


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