Golf’s First A.I. Powered Wearable Is Here


Golfication X, Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered super-wearable, combines a GPS Rangefinder, Shot Tracker and Swing Analyser. It provides holistic insights into one’s game and makes ultimate sense of statistics.

Golf Artificial Intelligence

The device, which launched on Indiegogo late last month, uses Golfication’s patent-pending Swing & Shot Sensing Technology, to combine swing and game analytics seamlessly.

The wearable combines an inbuilt GPS, 9-axis Motion Sensor, Bluetooth pairing and a powerful Texas Instruments micro-controller. It is designed to function without taps, manual input or even a smartphone while playing. The gadget can be paired with Golfication app and allows for a hassle-free experience on course.

The highest civilian-grade GPS, a 0.96” OLED Display and a rechargeable battery that runs for 8-hours straight makes Golfication X feature-packed. The super-wearable fits perfectly on the golf glove and the R&D team ensures no weight on the arms while swinging. It marks the first time that such a product has been engineered in India, aptly under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

(Read more in the April issue of Golf Digest India. Download here.)


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