Indian startup Upgame scores with EuroPro Tour



Upgame, an app developed by Delhi based Sameer Sawhney and his team announced a partnership deal with PGA EuroPro Tour, a men’s developmental pro golf tour in Europe.

The deal will see Upgame deliver instant in-depth statistics to players using the Upgame app as well as supplying key information on player and course averages for the TV broadcast which is sent to over 500 million homes worldwide. 

Upgame’s technology is already being used by winners on both the European and PGA Tours. Giving immediate key data insights with unique metrics only found on Upgame allows players to analyse each shot and notice marginal gains in shot patterns  that can be the difference between winning or losing a tournament. 

Tour CEO Dan Godding said: “UpGame is an enormous asset for any professional golfer and we are delighted to be working with the architects of the application. All members will be given the opportunity to use the app to record their own game, by doing so we can use up to date stats on our programming and social media as well as offering all our players the chance to see their own stats and percentages in real time. A fabulous application that we are proud to be working with.”

Sameer Sawhney, Founder and CEO of Upgame said: “Upgame is delighted to partner with the PGA  EuroPro Tour and serve its members with meaningful statistics . It is perfectly complementary to our larger vision of empowering every athlete to perform their best using actionable data. This also enables us to boost fan engagement for the Tour by using the data for content creation.”

The Upgame app can be used by any golfer, wishing to improve their game by tracking and analysing their play and practice. It is already being used by several coaches to better track progress of students and by several college teams in the USA. The Singapore and HongKong Associations have been using Upgame to track national team performance for a number of years. 

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