DeChambeau amazes at US Long Drive Ch’ship


DeChambeau continues to chase distance

The first time a PGA Tour member has actually made it to the final stages of the annual World Long Drive Championship in Nevada, Bryson DeChambeau, the 2020 U.S. Open winner, struck a 406-yard missile to finish second at the event which is usually dominated by big hitters who lack the short game skills and finesse required to compete on the PGA Tour.

De Chambeau’s performance is a tribute to the incredible physical training and his scientific approach to generating increased clubhead speed. Going head-to-head in the final against Germany’s Martin Borgmeier, the 29-year-old DeChambeau topped out at 406 yards after hitting his 6 allotted drives.  But Borgmeier, whose heavy beard, very short shorts and antics would make him perfect for professional wrestling, pounded his third ball 415 yards and followed that up with a 426-yarder that proved to be the winner.

Watch the PLDA Finals here – 

There were 128 contestants who started this week in the Open Division, and DeChambeau easily got through to the top 32 in the round-robin competition that awards points for where the golfers finish in each session.


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