Nepal Golf appoints Tarun as national coach


Tarun Sardesai arrives in Hangzhou, China with Nepal Golf Team for the Asian Games starting Sep. 28th

The Nepal Golf Association (NGA) has appointed Bangalore’s Zion Hills GC based coach Tarun Sardesai from India as their national coach, in preparation for the upcoming Asian Games. The Nepali team was in a three-month training camp at Tarun’s Academy, located on the outskirts of Bangalore. 

“The discussions regarding the Asian Games preparations began back in January, and Nepal made the decision to send their team to train at our academy. The Nepal Sports Council designated me as their international coach,” mentioned Sardesai before departing for Nepal last Friday.

Under Sardesai’s tutelage, four male and two female golfers honed their skills at the TSG academy. The golf competition at the Hangzhou Games is scheduled to take place from September 28th to October 1st.

“Nepal’s primary objective is to secure a medal at the 2026 Asian Games in Japan, and they have expressed their desire for me to serve as their official coach at least until then,” revealed Sardesai. He brings a wealth of coaching experience, having previously mentored Aditi Ashok during her formative years and a cadre of accomplished All-India amateur champions, including Trishul Chinnappa, Aryan Roopa Anand, Sharmila Nicollet, and Viraj Madappa.

Among the four male golfers, two are full-time trainees at TSG, including the promising Subhash Tamang, whom Sardesai coaches free of charge. The other is Sadbhav Acharya, the son of Deepak Acharya, Youth Development Director, NGA.


Photo – Tarun Sardesai

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