Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Day

Photo: Ben Mclean Twitter

Golf Course

 For the second year, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), in conjunction with other global superintendent groups, is recognizing those who help keep golf courses enjoyable and sustainable with an international “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Day,” encouraging all those who love golf to thank their course’s superintendent. “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Day” 2021 will be celebrated Sept. 14.

The other groups taking part in the global event include the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) the Australia Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA), the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) and The Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations (FEGGA). All together the groups represent more than 31,000 golf course management professionals in 78 countries around the world.

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