Delhi GC League ends on a high

Winning Team A – Team Spirit was at an all time high at the DGC League Finals

Winning Team A – Team Spirit was at an all time high at the DGC League Finals

The 2nd annual edition of the month long Delhi GC League ended with the final going down to the last match, with the A-team finally getting ahead to win the title with 10.5 points against Baale Golf’s 7 points. The A-team eventually accumulated the highest total of 74 points from 7 matches played and had beaten last year’s winners Team BMW Deutsche-Motoren in the semi finals. 

The A team consisted of Abhishek Misra, Gen Amit Bhandari, the team captain Amitav Virmani ( hcap 1) ; three lady players Anjali Nagpal, and two 14 year olds  Ayesha Gupta ( hcap 4) and Zara Anand ( hcap 5) , Gen Arun Sahni, Arun Sahgal, the team owner Ashish Jain, team co sponsor Bharat Dhawan, Bikram Bawa, Gen CK Maitra, Luvy Shreeram, Raj Kumar, Raul Rai , Rinku Sobti, former Asian Games gold medallist Rishi Narain, Sidharth Talwar, Praveen Chopra & Vinay Singh.

In the match for third and fourth places, 2021 winners BMW Deutsche-Motoren outplayed Christie’s Golf with four wins from the scheduled seven.

BMW Deutsche-Motoren tallied 9.5 points as against Christie’s 6.5.

Each team consisted of twenty players of which fourteen players would play each match day with every player mandatorily participating in at least one match.

Matches were played in the four ball better ball matchplay format with seven pairs of players playing each match day. 

For each game, the winning pair earned two points for their team score. When a match ended, the remaining holes were played for a bye worth half a point. Hence all pairs had to complete 18 holes. 

Twenty teams participated, with 5 teams in each Group. After four round robin matches for each team, the two top teams from each group advanced to the quarter finals. From there it was knock out format – with quarter final winners advancing to the semi finals and then the grand finale between the A Team and Baale Golf. 

Like in other clubs where leagues have been held, the interest levels and sponsorship support were big success stories for the Delhi Golf Club and 400 players were overall members of the 20 teams. 


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