Junior Golf in India just got uplifted

US Kids Golf

US Kids Golf

Golf in India has always been seen as a sport for riches and has no future. But U.S. Kids Golf plans to change it all as it has entered India and plans on having a series of tournaments leading to spots in U.S. Kids World Championship, U.S. Kids European Championships as well as U.S. Kids Teen World Championship.

The inaugural edition of the 2018-19 tour will be held across eight tournaments in six cities, with three events in Delhi NCR and one each at Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Pune, at championship golf courses.

Schedule of U.S. Kids Golf India Tour (Winter 2018-19):


SN Date City Venue
1 7th December 2018 Delhi NCR Classic Golf & Country Club
2 3rd January 2019 Kolkata Tollygunge Club
3 9th January 2019 Bengaluru Eagleton Golf Resort
4 12th January 2019 Hyderabad Boulder Hills Golf & Country Club
5 18th January 2019 Delhi NCR Classic Golf & Country Club
6 28th January 2019 Chandigarh Chandigarh Golf Club
7 31st January 2019 Delhi NCR Classic Golf & Country Club
8 6th February 2019 Pune Poona Club Golf Course

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U.S. Kids Golf is recognized as the world’s leader in youth golf, dedicated to helping young players enjoy golf through better equipment, scientifically-designed tournament play with age-appropriate yardages, and new learning and coaching resources. For over 20 years, U.S. Kids Golf has been at the forefront of the junior golf development program and between its divisions, has impacted over one million young players around the world.

The categories

The U.S. Kids Golf India Tour 2018-19 edition will be played across various age groups for boys, starting from age 6 & under till 18, as well as girls, from age 7 & under till 18. The kick-off for the tour is being held on 7th December at the picturesque Jack Nicklaus designed Classic Golf & Country Club in the outskirts of Delhi.

Ranking Points

The U.S. Kids Golf India Tour will also carry ranking points, and with participation in a minimum of four events out of the eight, the junior golfers will be able to gain qualification for the U.S. Kids World Championship, U.S. Kids European Championships as well as U.S. Kids Teen World Championship.

Throughout the U.S. Kids Golf India Tour, the events will be held at six of the finest courses in India, including Classic Golf & Country Club (Delhi NCR), Tollygunge Club (Kolkata), Eagleton Golf Resort (Bengaluru), Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club (Hyderabad), Chandigarh Golf Club and Poona Club Golf Course (Pune), which between them have held numerous national and international professional golf tournaments.

Rajesh Srivastava, President, U.S. Kids Golf India said, “With Golf now being a part of the Olympics and the Asian Games, and Indian golfers doing well internationally, it is about time that we focus on the right way of developing junior golf in India. With this initiative, we will be putting forward a scientific approach to the development of junior golf in the right environment with age-specific equipment and yardages to ensure that our kids grow their game while enjoying the sport and also remain free from injury and fatigue. One of the major focus areas will be the certification of junior golf coaches and caddies, who are the first point of contact between a junior golfer and the game, as per U.S. Kids Golf global norms and standards.”

“Our vision is to promote junior golf in the country and take the game to masses, just like the journey of cricket in India and how it became the most loved sport from being an exclusive sport in its early days,” he added.

Dan Van Horn, President and Founder, U.S. Kids Golf says, “It is a new era that is beginning in India for junior golf. With the help of very committed supporters of the sport in India, I am extremely pleased to announce the formation of a new entity, U.S. Kids Golf India.  This effort includes not only the launch of the first nationwide kids golf tournament series but the development of kid-friendly coaching for future players of the Country and an organized distribution of right kind of equipment for young players. U.S. Kids Golf is recognized as the world’s leader in youth golf (National Golf Foundation – Top 100 companies) and is proud to play a vital role in the development of golf in India for young players.”

The top five finishers in each age group will receive Priority Status, granting them invitations to Championship Events. These events consist of State Invitationals, Regional Championships, International Championships and the World Championship, held each year in Pinehurst.


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